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Thanks for visiting. Don’t mind the mess. I’m currently community engagement editor and reporter at The River Reporter, as well as a freelance writer and editor. I write about rural America, and what goes on here. I also take photos.

Right now I’m in the Upper Delaware region, covering NEPA and the Catskills of NY. I’ve also been found in Pittsburgh, San Antonio and Cairo, Egypt. I write online and in print, manage social media, work within the community and try to come up with new ways to cover important stories. I also do some freelance marketing work (more about that here).

Find me at liz.lepro [at] gmail.com or on Instagram at elizabeth_emanuel. Thanks!

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I work with businesses in marketing campaigns, and have experience with web design, email marketing and newsletters, photography and graphic design.

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If you work in audio or videography in NEPA or upstate NY, I’d love to connect on projects.

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Instagram: @Elizabeth_Emanuel

Email: liz.lepro [at] gmail.com

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