Who I am + what I do

Hi! I’m Elizabeth. I’m a journalist from northeast Pennsylvania, ever so slightly north of the New York line.

I currently work in both of those states, where I’ve spent the last year as a reporter and community engagement editor for The River Reporter. I’ve also been found in Cairo, Egypt, Pittsburgh, PA and San Antonio, TX (in that order), where my reporting has been published in The Cairo Review, The San Antonio Express-news, PublicSource, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, USA Today, Egyptian Streets and more. I’ve covered topics including opioid addiction, gun control, abortion, animal rights, journalism (for IJNet) and politics – insomuch as they directly affect communities and individuals. These days, I mostly write about rural America.

I also manage newsletters, occasionally design magazines, take photos, do some work within my community and write creatively. My poetry has been published in the Best Emerging Poets of Pennsylvania anthology and Collision Literary Magazine.

Unless you’re a bot, I’d love to hear from you. (Sorry bots). Drop me a line at the email form below and/or find me on Instagram at elizabethemanuel_. Thank you for being here.


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